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Support Staff Conference 2014 Registration
To begin, please visit:
You will be greeted with a registration page.
Please fill out all of the fields and be sure to
remember the credentals
that you sign up
with, as you can
use them again later to
update your registraton and view your
Support Staff Conference 2014
Everything related to SSC 2014 will be under
the “
All Sessions
” button. Please click here to
You will then see a list of sessions the are
available. Click the “
” link to register
for that session.
Registration for the Support Staff conference will be handled through the Wolf Creek website this year! The following instructions will guide you
through the process of signing up for an account and registering for sessions. If you have trouble at any point in this process please send an
email to
Clicking on a
session’s ttle
bring up the
full descripton
, as
well as other information such as
the amount of people registered.
To return to the main page, click
the “
Return to session list
” link

Support Staff Conference 2014 Registration
At any time you can click “
View my registered sessions list
” to see a
complete listing of the sessions that you have registered for.
If you would like to cancel your registration for any session, click the
” link next to that session on the “View my registered
sessions list” page.
To sign back in, visit:
Once that page has loaded, click the Sign
Into My Account button.
Next, Click the “
I am not currently
working with Wolf Creek
” link
To complete the sign in process, enter the
email address and password that you
provided at the time that you signed up
for your account.
If you have trouble at any point in this
process please send an email to
During the conference, you may wish to check your schedule to see which sessions that you are registered for, and check which rooms they
are in. You may sign into this system at any tme to view the most up to date informaton on your sessions.

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