1. Using Mobile Print from an iOS Device

Using Mobile Print from an iOS Device
Install and Configure the iOS App:
Locate Print Portal in the App Store and install it
Open The Print Portal App, read and Agree to the Terms of Use
Provide an email address, click next

Provide Company code
: 35RA7F.
If the Company Code field does not appear click back and click on the gear icon
and turn on Prompt for Company Code.

An email with a unique verification code will be sent to the mailbox used to register:
Provide the verification code in the field when prompted

If you’ve used Mobile Print before and know your unique Confirmation Number provide your
Confirmation Number in the field:
If you are unsure of your Confirmation Number tap Retrieve Confirmation Number,
circled above, and an email will be sent with your confirmation number:
You will need to remember this confirmation number for future retrieval of uploaded print

A confirmation number is assigned to
each registered email address
. If the Print Portal
has already been configured on another iOS device, use the same confirmation number
for the new iOS install.
If the email containing the confirmation number does not arrive or you forget your
assigned confirmation number send a new email message from your registered email
address to
and a reply will be sent with your confirmation
number in the subject line.
Push Notifications
Click Don’t Allow for Push Notifications to be sent to you.

Add Available Printers:
To add a printer, click the
select Printers from the list

Then click the + and select Locations or Scan QR code of the copier if it is posted near the
Selecting Locations, you pick the site you are presently at and pick the printer or printers you
want to have available.

To remove a printer from your Favorite list, you select the arrow on the printer name

Then tap the Star and that removes it from the list of your printers.

Print from Google Drive and other Applications that Allow Send To Print Portal:
The following formats are supported by Xerox Mobile Print:
Microsoft Office documents (*.doc, *.docm, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsm, *.xlsx, *.ppt,
*.pptm, *.pptx)
Print Ready files (*.rtf, *.tif, *.tiff, *.txt, xps)
Photos (*.gif, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.png)
The actual email (text) (*.xdw)
When printing, open the item that you would like to print.
Click the
then click the
Select Open in Print Portal.
From the Print Job page, select the print options such as number of copies and
color/2sided/staple options then click Print.
You will not get a confirmation email to
retrieve the print job.
To hold print jobs for later printing click Upload. When uploading the Print Options do not
apply. The job will be held for a maximum of 24 hours or until released from any
configured Xerox copier using the steps in Releasing Held Jobs below.

Google formatted documents
cannot be printed from the Google Drive application.
From a supported browser (Chrome/Safari) browse
and login to
your google account. It seems that this feature is better when using an iPad instead of
an iPhone, due to screen size. You can’t select send on the iPhone when trying to email
it to thinkgreen@wolfcreek.ab.ca.
Open Google Drive,
Open the Google document that you want to be printed and then scroll down to the end
of the page and select view Google Drive in Desktop,

Then select Continue to desktop version
Click File and select Email as attachment.

Select Attach As to be PDF

in the Recipients field
and click
A confirmation number will be sent to the
Wolfapps email account,
use this confirmation
number to release the job as described below.
Print from applications in iOS that DO NOT allow Send to Print Portal:
To print, click the
send to icon
in the top right corner and select Email Document
and choose the format either Share original document(editable) or share Flattened
Copy(not editable) and then enter the email address
A confirmation number will be sent to the email account configured on your device.
The job will be held for a maximum of 24 hours or until released from any configured
Xerox copier using the steps below.

To Print, jobs can be submitted from any mailbox by sending an email with or without an
attachment to
In some circumstances printing the body of the email may not work due to unsupported
content such as HTML.
An email reply will be sent with a notice that the job was successfully submitted and the
confirmation number to use to retrieve the job.
Release Held Jobs:
At the copier operator panel, depending on the model you either will have a Mobile Print
Button or you need to click the All Services button.
From the All Services page select Custom Services, Mobile Print.
Provide your confirmation number.
Select the submitted jobs and press Print.
To change Print Options choose Print Settings.
Each email address that submits jobs is assigned a unique Confirmation Number.
The print job will be held for a maximum of 24 hours.
Logout to Adjust Company or Confirmation Code:
Click the menu button and tap logout:

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